Question: What’s the best way to become a great writer?
Answer: Keep writing. A LOT. Keep learning your craft while you write. Then write a lot more.

Oh yeah, then after dinner… write some more. And some more after that.

Now just in case you don’t have quite that much time to spare, let me give you a few years of my life in a flash.

I’m Anthony Merizzi, the founder, technical mind and creative engine behind 4PlayBooks. Yes, it’s unusual to find both of those talents in the same person. But after spending most of the 90’s working behind the scenes in the printing industry, I’ve been copywriting professionally since late 2004. And it was only a few months after I got started when I saw my first big, profitable sales-letter success.

From there, most of the winners that followed were written for other people’s businesses. And I wrote most of those direct-response sales materials for high-profile personalities in their own various industry niches… in THEIR voice and style.

So I’ve been ‘ghostwriting’ for a long time now

That’s why, in addition to my work creating and ghostwriting business memoirs, how-to books and authority-profile pieces, I’m still a direct-response copywriter at heart… and in my other life, I focus on business and product launches, creating engaging and authentic print and digital messaging to generate better leads, more sales and profitable longevity for your customer base.

agm-portrait-web-50Why does that matter to you?

Well, not only will you be getting a top-notch ‘story seller’ as your ghostwriter and advisor as we put your book together, you’d also be getting my key insights into what makes your book work… from a storytelling perspective, an audience-reach perspective, and a marketing perspective that many would-be authors barely consider when they’re thinking of writing a book.

Plus, since your book is probably something you intend to use to promote yourself or your business… wouldn’t you want my always-on marketing mind on your side…

To get proven direct-response copy stylings to boot!

Fortunately, as an experienced digital marketing specialist, project manager and consultant, I’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder and keyboard-to-keyboard with Fortune 500 entrepreneurs, local and small-business owners, multi-millionaires (and at least one billionaire), established companies and start-ups from around the globe.

In fact, as you can probably see from the testimonials on this page, some of my previous and current client success stories include Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith, lawyer-turned-peacemaker Douglas E. Knoll, serial entrepreneur Anne McKevitt, branding and turnaround expert Bridgette Chambers, women’s entrepreneurial mentor Ali Brown, and Fortune-100 master executive coach Dr. Betty Orlandino, PhD.









You can find out more about the product launches, promotions and direct-response copywriting and brainstorming I’ve done to generate these testimonials and more at my copywriting website here:


And if you have a question or two about publishing your book that you’d like a direct answer to, you can always use the contact info on this page and call or text me a short message — that I will actually reply to, as time permits. Just be brief and to the point… that’s what we BOTH like best!