How We’ll Work

Writing a book isn’t magic. It’s just hard work.

But the magic comes from what you say, how you say it…

And how easily, fluidly and systematically you get your ideas on paper. In a form that makes sense to you, and makes an impact with your readers.

Fortunately, that’s where 4PlayBooks ‘Hostwriting’ shines

Because when we’re helping you translate your head-full of important ideas… random thoughts… and the essential value wrapped up in your one-of-a-kind perspective on what’s made you the person are today…

You’ll be directly connected with our proven Hostwriting book-creation process.

It works because Hostwriting by 4PlayBooks is unparalleled at extracting more insights and better knowledge from your jam-packed brain cells, and getting them down on paper. That’s how we’ll help you craft the unique stories, memorable characters and unexpected connections between the raw facts and figures you’ve told us (through your conversations and our independent research, as needed).

So you end up with everything you’ve imagined your book to be.

We create your book in your own voice and style… only better

In fact, I bet you’ll actually end up with more of a book than you bargained for. Because along with releasing deep-down knowledge and heartfelt creativity you never even knew you had, another big part of our Hostwriting approach includes taking care of all the tedious and intricate ‘manual labor’ parts of writing and producing your book — from the spark of an idea to its hi-impact, finished form.

All you’re left with are the easy parts. And your best stuff.

Plus, the 4PlayBooks Hostwriting process helps you organize, distill and communicate your expertise like never before. After all, you’ll simply be talking… telling stories and answering a few questions. In person or over the phone. Exactly the same way you probably already do already with your friends, colleagues and close family members.

With one essential difference…

We’ll actually guide you and prompt you for the raw data, the stories and the background info we’ll need to fill out the ‘bare bones’ of your book idea. So you don’t have to think of everything on your own (or start from the dreaded blank page we all hate to see staring back at us).

That’s why, when you decide to go ahead and let us Hostwrite your book with you, we’ll turn your thoughts into a compelling and satisfying read that can only enhance your image and your reputation.

Here’s how we’ll work with you:

  • orientation call
  • outline prompter = call + guide document
  • goals, milestones schedule – call + guide doc
  • gather current collection of bkgrd material, plus exchange contact info for further materials, questions, etc
  • 3 structured info-gathering calls (main part of ‘you’ and initial story-gathering)
  • book outline and TOC approval
  • chapter-by-chapter first drafts, approvals
  • book cover graphics, approvals
  • book cover blurbs, description copy, display copy approval
  • first ‘complete’ draft created, for smoothing and final revisions
  • hard-copy printed book proof created for overview, impact, formatting revisions
  • wrap-up call and final revisions submitted, approved
  • Amazon book-page registration, uploading, setup and testing

As you can see, a LOT goes into creating your book from scratch. But when you look closely, your hands-on time (or ‘ears-on’ time) is really…

Only a few short hours in total!

You see, between our orientation, outlining and ‘guided interview’ calls, we’ll be on the phone together for between 2-3 hours per week, for maybe 2 weeks in a row. For some, it may take a little more time to get comfortable, get started and get up to speed. For others, maybe a little less.

After that, we might get together for a half-hour each week to review the individual chapter drafts you’ve received from us. Or talk about current progress… next steps… or your thoughts and feelings about how your book’s coming together.

Because even with emails and digital documents and ‘all the facts’ to look over and approve, sometimes a quick phone call makes everything so much clearer… at both ends of the conversation!

That’s why I invite you to find out how well Hostwriting could work for you by taking advantage of…

Our no-cost Book Discovery Session

During a completely confidential… no-cost, no-obligation… to-the-point telephone conversation, we’ll talk over the high-level details of your book idea with you for 10-15 minutes. And you’ll get our unbiased, no-nonsense insights into whether you’ve got enough material to fill a credible book… plus a quick reading on who else your book might appeal to when it’s published.

The best part is, your Book Discovery Session helps us both, to realize how compatible we are to work together.


From there, a lot depends on how much info you’ve prepared for your book before we get started (and of course, you HAVE been thinking about your book for a while now, haven’t you?)

If you decide to go ahead with your book…

You’ll simply be speaking with me during prompted conversations on the phone or over Skype… and then reading, looking at and approving the copy-written and edited digital copies we prepare for each chapter, which we’ll send you one at a time as they’re completed. All according to the outline and production plan we create for you following our first sessions together… and all with your schedule, preferences and real-life situation in mind.

So you can read your book’s chapters over at your own pace — whether that’s while you’re waiting for a business meeting to start… grabbing a few spare minutes at the lunch table of your favorite restaurant… or curled up in a comfortable chair with your book’s printed-out pages in one hand and your favorite beverage in the other.

The best part?

Of course, you can do your reading whenever it’s convenient for you. We actually recommend going with one chapter section at a time, and scribbling down the extra ideas and supporting facts that spring to mind as you’re reading. That way, your revisions and updates come alive in just a few minutes, too.

Plus, by the time all of the chapter sections have passed the first-draft stage, you’ll have already selected your favorite cover graphics from the themed samples we’ve created for you to choose from. So we’ll wrap your new, approved cover mock-up around an actual formatted, edited, typeset and printed sample of your entire book.

We’ll send the final draft to you by direct shipment

I’ll tell you, there’s nothing like that first ‘unboxing’ to generate full-blown excitement at what you’ve created. So you can hold your book-to-be in your hands, and see it exactly as your readers will… with all of the weight, color and and hi-impact finish of the final product that’s so close within your reach.

But don’t fall in love with your book just yet…

Because after you’ve spent an hour or so going through your nearly-finished book mock-up on your own, we’re going to get on the phone with you and go through each chapter again — and the entire book as a whole…

Because you’ve got to scribble all over it first!

That’s right, we’re actually going to encourage you to write notes all through your book-to-be.

I know, it may feel funny to be writing notes on the printed pages (many people say it feels a little naughty). But it’s really a necessary final step. Because after you and your book have enjoyed some quality ‘alone time’ together — and later, while we’re right there with you on the phone — that’s your chance to make any of those last-minute tweaks and additions you’d like, to make it the book YOU want it to be.

Think of it as your final look in the mirror before an important presentation (or a big date)…

And I’ll guarantee you’ll want to poke and primp your book to perfection. You actually might feel the urge to to throw it out and start again, at that point!

But don’t worry, that’s a normal reaction. A lot like those ‘pre-date jitters’ —  when you might even think of changing into entirely different outfit at the last minute.

Fortunately, in real life — and after we’ve guided you through your book’s near-final draft with a few questions, and prompted you to really consider the details we think deserve a second look as you examine it…

Your book will probably be about 95% perfect at that point!

That’s when you’ll really be in the home stretch

As soon as you give us the go-ahead, we’ll take the notes from our recorded ‘last look’ conversation (along with your final revisions and mark-ups) and put the finishing touches in place. Rest assured, we’ll have our editors and typesetters on hand again, just to make sure those final tweaks fit the overall flow of your book’s theme and style, as approved by you.

So when you actually receive your first shipment of finished book copies a few short weeks later, you’ll be grinning like a kid at Christmas… especially because you’ll know we’ll have your book-marketing pages already set up on Amazon’s website, ready to go. Which means your colleagues and contacts can order THEIR copies the same day, from any location around the world with an internet connection!

In total, we typically go from ‘first call’ to ‘first shipment’ in about 3-4 months, as long as you get back to us with timely approvals and revisions on those first drafts. Sometimes it can take a little longer — depending on your schedule, revisions and approvals access. And if you already have plenty of your book’s material on hand and you’re ready to move quickly with the final details…

You could actually see your book come to life in 2-3 months or less. Really.

Either way, as you can tell from the How We’ll Work list above, your time invested is only about 10-12 hours in total. In fact, during one of our recent book projects, the author’s total talk-time (orientation calls and phone interviews) and typing time (emailing her responses to our questions and approval requests) was under 7 hours from start to finish!

Sure, that’s not typical. And we can’t guarantee how much or how little time your book might take. But we WILL guarantee you’ll have a high-quality, world-class book of your own that you can be proud of — “a book in your hand with your picture on the cover”… in less time and with less effort than virtually any other method we’ve heard of.

That’s why we created 4PlayBooks Hostwriting to begin with!

Want to find how your book idea stacks up? Or to see if we can have it ready for you in time to kick off your next promotion?

Then simply click the “Schedule a Call with 4PlayBooks now!” button on this page, and select your best time for an info-packed ‘Book Discovery Session’ on my calendar. I’ll call you back, on our dime, and we’ll go over a few questions, and ALL the answers you need to know. To see if your book idea holds water… and to see how compatible the 4PlayBooks team is for bringing your book to life for you.

It’s an easy first step. But it’s up to you to get the ball rolling today.

And when you get through our short, pressure-free conversation, you’ll already have everything it takes to get your book under way.

I can’t think of a better time for you to have it all… can you?