Simple landing page

There are three critical parts of your book’s successful marketing processes…

  • Targeted Traffic
  • Sales Funnel(s)
  • Your Offer(s)

To be frank, your Offer is the most important of the three. But running neck-and-neck is the Sales Funnel you use to communicate that offer to your audience.

Because when you do this right, you’ll be able to filter and fine-tune your audience into a group of interested, ideal prospects for that offer. And you’ll have MULTIPLE opportunities to get your offer(s) in front of those ideal prospects, too.

So, here’s a colour-coded example of the ‘Free plus Shipping’ sales funnel, mentioned in Chapter 11 of Executive 4Play — “A Simplified B2B Book-Marketing Funnel” on page 171. Use this as a template for creating the sequence of pages and sales copy you’ll need to create YOUR sales funnel… so you can engage your viewers, and keep them coming back until they’re comfortable hearing from you (and BUYING from you, too!)

Want us to help you get up-and-running with a conversion-optimized landing page… a lead-capture and customer-capture funnel… and everything else you need, to help with the business-building results you had in mind when you wrote your book in the first place?

Simply text ‘client landing’ to (647) 556-6449, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. With a done-for-you solution that puts your book on the web. And puts YOU on the map.

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